My QB POS Citizen CTS 300 printer is not working in Windows 8.

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Why is his happening? The short answer is, you need new drivers. The drivers located on the QuickBooks Point of Sale cd, and the Intuit support website are for Windows 7. In order to get the Citizen ct-s300 to work properly in Windows 8, we have to get the newer Windows 8 drivers from the Citizen website.

Going to the website is easy.  Locating the drivers is a little bit harder.

You will want to go to the following page:

On this page you will see Driver Categories, and printer models listed. You will want to select the listing for POS printer, Kiosk Printer. See the image below:


On the next page, select the Win 8 driver.



This will download a zip file. You will need to save that file, then extract it to a folder.


Inside the folder, there will be a 32 bit folder, and a 64 bit folder. In this case I will open the 64 bit. I locate the ct-s300 folder and double-click it to open it.


Then select the Install file, in this case DIFxInst.exe.



Once it has installed, reboot the system and it should then detect the CT-S300 printer and it will then work.