QuickBooks Enterprise 14.0 does not find a newly entered customer when I search for them.

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It can be a little frustrating. You create a new customer,  and then go on to another task.

Now, when you search for the customer, they can’t be found in the search results.  Why is this happening?

Well, one reason can be that the Preference for refreshing the search information is set to 60 minutes or more.

Here is how to find out, and change it if need be:

Go to Edit, Preferences.

Scroll down on the left side until you see Search.

On the Company Preferences tab, it will show you the time interval that is currently set to refresh the search data. Usually by default this is 60 minutes.


You can set this down, often 30 minutes is a good time period. You could go lower, but you have to bear in mind that refreshing slows down the programs performance, and can cause other users to have a delay in their activities.

Remember that to change these settings usually requires the Admin user, and that to change company preferences, you usually need to be in single-user mode.

But hopefully, by resetting the Search Refresh timing, you will have a little less frustration.