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Online or Community Forums can be a great place to get information. Users can share how they use the software, tips and tricks, error messages and fixes, and a large variety of useful information.

But there is one area where questions get asked, that is really kind of dangerous.

It is ok to ask how to fix an error, or change a background color or other mundane things, but you should never ask bookkeeping or accounting advice in an online forum.

Accounting is an area where there are specific nuances for each business, and business type. There is a reason that Certified Public Accountants go through years of education, and are Certified. It is a specialized knowledge that needs to be applied in specific circumstances, for specific reasons.

Following incorrect advice can be costly, or completely devastating to your business. You have to take into consideration that you are asking someone to solve your problem, while they are not there and cannot see your business or financial situation.

You would not walk down a street and ask someone to perform brain surgery on you without knowing that they were qualified. By the same token, you would not casually stroll through a mall and ask anyone to do your books without knowing that they have the correct knowledge and experience. But accounting questions are asked in online forums every day.

The people answering the posts are trying to be helpful, but again, if they get it wrong, are they going to go into an audit with you to explain what happened?

The bottom line is this: Do you want someone you have never met making decisions about your business for you? After all, it is Your Bottom Line that is at risk.