Is your business ahead of the game…or running behind?

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Every day we hear from clients that are looking to upgrade their software. They are constantly shocked at the cost of the software, and usually a need to replace computers to handle the software needs.

There are very few small businesses today that are budgeting in the cost of replacing computers and software.

We know that a computer is only going to last for a few years (Even the IRS understands that the life of a computer is limited). And we know that technology is constantly moving forward.

As time goes on, new features are added to software to make it more usable, and as a result the demands the software places on a system are constantly increasing. And it becomes increasingly costly to the software companies to try to program their software to be compatible with older computers.

At some point, you will need to replace the software your business uses. You will need to replace the computers that run that software.

So the question for the business owners is, are you planning ahead and setting money aside for this expense? Or are you in a situation where the need to upgrade your software or computers is going to put your business under?