QuickBooks Enterprise Accountants Edition 14.0 –fix unapplied payments.

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Many times as we go through our clients data, we see that there have been payments received, that were never applied to the customer invoices.

In some cases, the amounts are coming in from another program, like QuickBooks Point of Sale.

In other cases, it may have been a pre-payment for a later invoice, and the two were never tied together.

Either way, you can end up with a customer that has a zero balance, but is showing past due on invoices, or invoices that are not closed even though payment has been received.

As consultants or bookkeepers/accountants, we would run an Open Invoice report. We would located the invoices and payments, then open the Receive Payments windows and apply the credits. It was a tedious task that ate a lot of time.

With the new QuickBooks Enterprise Accountants edition, we now have a capability to quickly match the payments to the invoices and get them closed out.

Under the Accountant Center, there is a listing for Fix Unapplied Customer Payments and Credits.


This brings up a window, where the invoices are listed on the left, and payments on the right.


As you select the invoices or statement charges, you can then select the correct payment, and hit Apply.

It’s that simple. As they are applied, they  are removed from the list.