QuickBooks Users- Watch out for Waterhole Attacks!

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It seems like every time you blink, someone has come up with a new virus, or way to attack your computer.

Those of us that perform technical support work see the results all the time. Systems that will no longer install programs, pop-up messages on every screen etc.

We watch various outlets for tech knowledge and try to stay abreast of the latest threats. One that has surfaced recently is a little bit more than scary.

I first heard about this one from a tech guru that has a radio show, since then I have seen it myself.

As you browse through to a website, suddenly a new screen appears telling you that you need to update your browser ( in this case it was Firefox). Like the tech guru, I had just updated mine from the actual website, so I knew it was current.

The screen that came up was convincing. After a bit of investigation I found that the web address it wanted to direct to was NOT associated with Mozilla or Firefox.

These are called Waterhole Attacks. They will feed malicious software onto your computer to steal your information, or that of your customers.

You need to make sure your Anti-Virus software is up to date. And then I would suggest making sure Windows has been updated.

As for your browsers. Microsoft releases new updates very regularly on the first Tuesday of each month. For Chrome or Mozilla, I would go directly to their sites . The same with Safari.

Understanding how your browser updates is an important tool in keeping yourself and others safe on the web.