QuickBooks Users-Microsoft Support for Win XP Is Ending!

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Microsoft has announced that all support for Windows Xp will be ending April 8, 2014.

This does not mean your system will shut down, but it does mean there can be some issues if you continue to use a Win XP system as your main computer.

Microsoft will no longer update the Win XP version of Security Essentials, so you will need to think about replacing your anti-virus/anti-Malware software.

At the same time, all support will be ending for Microsoft Office 2003.

As time has gone on, computer programs have become more complex and needed a greater amount of computing power to operate and be stable. It is not a real surprise that the older Windows version is going away support wise. As time goes on it is harder and harder to add the additional code to make the modern software work with the older versions of Windows. And since those older versions are not being sold, you are dumping engineering time and money into something that has no financial return.

We see this in all software. You reach a point where it just costs too much to work with the older versions.

For your main systems ( the one’s that hold the data) you will be needing to update them to a newer version of Windows. Windows 7 is the closest to Win XP, and the easiest to transition to.

Before biting the bullet to upgrade an aging system, I would have a tech look at the computer to see if it will even handle the upgrade. You may find it much more cost effective to purchase a new system than to dump money into an older computer, whose life may be limited anyway.