New Feature – QuickBooks Income Tracker

QuickBooks Income Tracker

QuickBooks 2014 has added an Income Tracker to their array of features included in QuickBooks Pro, Premier and in QuickBooks Enterprise 14.  It’s a convenient way to see all your income-producing transactions in one spot. Even your overdue invoices are quickly and easily pulled up on the screen.

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The Income Tracker is accessed from the Customers drop-down menu.  By default, it is only available to the QuickBooks Administrator.  If other users need acces to to it the Admin must edit the rights for that users role to include full access the the Sales and Account Receivables area.  Across the top of the Income Tracker are a series of 5 colored buttons that allow you to look at just the estimates or sales orders for unbilled items, open invoices and overdue invoices in the unpaid catagory and finally a green button where you can see anything paid in the last 30 days.  Fast and easy!! The butons also display the total dollar figure for that particular item type.  Another feature in this Income Tracker is an Action column where you can select from a drop-down list to receive payment, print the row or email that row.  You can even select some or all of the customers shown and batch email them right from the Income Tracker.

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