GoPayment Version 6 for iPad is available.

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Intuit, the makers of Quicken, QuickBooks, TurboTax, GoPayment, and QuickBooks Point of Sale, have just released the 6.0 version of GoPayment for the iOS7 on the iPad.

The major change in this release is the new fresher look to the interface.

There have been some changes made recently, like the ability to add pictures to items, and the capability to scan barcodes through the iPad camera.

As with all barcode scanners, they handle flat barcodes better than curved ones, or ones on a crinkled surface, such as candy wrappers.

If you need to edit an item, you can tap on it, then hold that item for a second to take it into edit mode. Here it can be added to favorites, marked as taxable or non-taxable, edit the name or the price.

Remember that, for security reasons, only an Admin user can edit the items.