Notice to all users of Cash Register Plus! Discontinuation of Merchant Services.

Questions on the software? Call us at 800-609-0788!


 On Thursday, October 17 Cash Register Plus (CRP, CR+) 2009 and 2010 merchants were sent emails informing them that merchant service and product support for CRP will be discontinued as of November 12, 2013.

 If you have not received such an email, please take note.

 The Cash Register Plus program has been discontinued. While it was a workable program, one limitation it suffrered was an inability to transfer it’s data to the QuickBooks Point of Sale program. This was one of the reasons the Free QuickBooks Point of Sale V10 was released.

 If you are not using the Intuit Merchant Service, you may continue to use the product, but support and updates for it have ended.

 If you would like to use the Intuit Merchant Service to process your credit cards, please contact us, as yu will need to upgrade to a QuickBooks Point of Sale 2013 product.