GoPayment and Mint, for Google Glass!

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Recently, Intuit, inc demonstrated it’s concept application of it’s GoPayment App on Goolge Glass.

No official release date has been announced but Intuit is looking to create the link between the GoPayment mobile payments app, and there is also discussion of creating a Google Glass app for the personal finance application,

Google Glass is not the only platform being looked at, as indications are they are looking to port the applications for multiple wearable devices, including smart watches.

“Intuit is looking to pursue platforms and devices that our customers will want to use,” says Cindy Osmon, senior staff software engineer at Intuit. “We’re keeping our eyes open on other wearables, but have been impressed with experimenting with Google Glass so far.”

To use Intuit’s application a merchant would ring up the shopper’s items and tap a button to generate a QR code for the customer to scan with Google Glass’ built-in camera. The customer taps the touch-sensitive panel on the side of the Google Glass headset to authorize the payment. Afterwards, the user can see a receipt on the Google Glass screen, which displays information above user’s right eye.

“It is a paradigm shift to begin thinking about how to design for wearables such as Google Glass,” Osman says. “You really have to think about the context that the user is in – that drives what the best message is and when to convey it when designing for these types of form factors. Just like when we had to rethink desktop software for the mobile phone, we must now rethink mobile phone software for even smaller devices like Google Glass, watches, fitness bands, etc.”

Stay tuned, we will bring more information as it becomes available.