New In Enterprise 14.0 Accountants Edition, Send General Journal includes the MAC version!

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In the past, the Send General Journals functionality in QuickBooks Enterprise (QBES) was limited to Windows clients. You would send out the email with the *.QBJ attachment, and it would flow into their file automatically.

But if the client was using the Macintosh version, it would not work and you had to either tell the client what to enter , or enter it yourself manually.

With the new version of QBES 14.0, that has changed.

Now the Mac client has the same capability.


You select Accountant > Send General Journal Entries, choose your date range and the entries to send, (then decide whether you want to allow your client to choose specific entries to import or not) and then select Email as Attachment and follow the prompts.


Your Mac client receives the email with instructions for seamless importing of the entries, just as your Windows clients do