New in QuickBooks 2014 and Enterprise 14.0, the Collections Center.

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One of the new Centers added in QuickBooks Enterprise 14.0 is the Collections Center.

This new center shows you any past due invoices, and any ALMOST due invoices so that you can get a good track on what is past due, and what will be coming due in the next few days.

To activate the Collections Center, go to Edit, Preferences, Sales and Customers.


There is a checkbox under the company preferences to Activate the Collections Center.

Once activated, you access the Center by opening the Customer Center.


There is now an icon on the top of the Customer Center for the Collection Center.

Selecting this icon opens the center and displays the two tabs at the top for Past Due, and Almost Due.


Based on the terms associated with the Customer and the Invoice, the center will display any invoices that meet the date criteria, and it give you the option to email them a collection email.

This is a little known, but very usable addition to the QuickBooks Enterprise 14.0 and the QuickBooks 2014 programs.