New in QuickBooks Enterprise 14.0 Client/Accountant Collaboration!

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We have all been there. Something has come up with a clients transaction, and we spend the next 4 hours trying to play phone tag, describe the transaction, get the clients input etc, etc, etc.


There has to be an easier way!

Now, there is. In QuickBooks Enterprise 14.0 there is Client/Accountant Collaboration built into the software.


QBA Plus users (including QuickBooks ProAdvisors®) have exclusive access to the new Client Collaborator feature, a great tool designed to solve many of the challenges accounting professionals encounter when dealing with their clients.

For example, the accountant can now contact the client directly through the client’s QuickBooks’ file to inquire about a particular transaction. The interactions and conversations are tracked and linked to specific transactions, so the accountant always has a point of reference. These interactions between the accountant and client are stored on a secure server and accessed online, ensuring that nothing is lost. This new feature, which transcends the world of desktop accounting and touches on cloud computing, eliminates the need to keep track of disparate email strings and trying to remember what specific transaction was being discussed. All discussions are linked and accessible.

Here’s how the Client Collaborator works: the accountant selects the Ask Question icon on the right of the menu bar to contact the client through QuickBooks. Selecting this icon enables the accountant to tie the question directly to this transaction within the client’s file.


The client opens their copy of the company file in their-non accountant version (such as Pro) and then selects View Conversation List from the Company menu.


The accountant can document what he or she did for each transaction and view it all in the Transaction Conversation window. To close a Transaction Conversation, simply click the Close button.


The accountant’s client will need a version of QuickBooks 2014 to use this feature; an Internet connection is required for both parties.