QuickBooks 2014 and Enterprise 14.0 are moving forward.

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There has been some well deserved interest surrounding the release of the new QuickBooks and Enterprise software. I can honestly say I was surprised at the new capabilities and features that were implemented in these new versions. And it takes a lot to surprise me.

In adding the features and functionality it was readily apparent that the engineers had been listening to customer feedback, and were striving for better ease of use and greater capabilities around the normal functions that are done in a business. Sure, there have been enhancements in the past, like the Centers for the various industries, and the improvements made to the budgeting ( I want to thank the engineering teams for those changes, they have been a blessing).

But I can tell you that the advancements in these new versions caught me off-guard!

In another blog article I had mentioned the Bounced Check feature. This addressed a pain point that had existed since the DOS versions!

Now, with Batch capabilities, the Sent Email history, the Income Tracker, multiple document sending, I was kind of beside myself. Let’s look at a couple of other new things.

There are customizable templates now, that will auto populate with Customer Job, Invoice number, Amount due (no more having to copy the invoice number into the subject line).

There is a new Bill Pay template, so you can communicate information about the payment you are making.

And let’s not overlook the new Online Banking feed. Once you have assigned a particular expense to a transaction, you can set it so that when those transactions are downloaded, the expense is auto-assigned.

I am anticipating this version to become a real asset to businesses. I think with the changes that have been made so far, Intuit has gone a long way toward reducing the time and effort we have had on our day to day activities.   Call it a hunch, but I am anticipating they aren’t through yet.

Keep an eye out here and I will let you know… And by the way, you may want to talk to us about pre-ordering the software. As always, we are going to get you the best price we can.