QuickBooks 2014 and Enterprise 14, What’s New and Exciting!

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Intuit will soon be releasing it’s latest editions to the QuickBooks line.

QuickBooks 2014 and QuickBooks Enterprise 14 will be releasing with some interesting new features.

For years, dealing with a bounced check has been a painful process, requiring editing the deposit, creating bounced check items, and then creating an invoice to charge the customer for the returned check.  It happened infrequently enough that we always had to go to the help menu to find out how to do it again. What a pain!

Well, that has changed in the new version! There is now a Bounced Check button.


Click it and it walks you through a short wizard so you can enter the amount you were charged by the bank, and the amount you are charging, and the program takes care of the rest behind the scenes.

Tired constantly running reports to try to see what invoices are open, and in what status?

Take a look at the new Income Tracker.


Not only are there filterable options on the screen, but it has tabs tom help identify what type of transaction the income is coming from. Need to take a payment on an invoice quickly? To the right on the income tracker is a drop down. Choose Receive Payment, and the payment screen opens!

Want to work in Batches, like batching out invoices? That is now a capability!


In the past, to see if an email had been sent to customer, you had to enter it into the notes, or look in the email programs Sent folder. Now, if you send an email to a customer, there is actually a record of that in the QuickBooks, attached to the customer name.


Need to send multiple documents to a customer? Not a problem in the new version.

We will explore these features in greater detail in coming entries, but for now, just be aware that the changes that have been made indicate real improvements. Enough that when we are asked “ Should I upgrade?” I have no problem saying “Yes. It is worth it.”