With QB POS 2013, can’t I just add another seat in a different state?

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This is a common question that we receive. Why use Multi-store instead of just adding a seat in another location and using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

The answer may not make sense at first, this being the age of technology. But once you understand the reasons, it all makes sense.

The good answer is, it cannot (should not) be done. And here is why.

A client system, which is what an Add a User is, requires the program to reach across in a constant, live connection to the company data. This why we also do not recommend a wireless connection.

When you use a VPN to connect two computers, you are going across the internet. I don’t care what kind of speed you are paying for, it will not be as fast as a Local Area Network.

It is also going to pick up “Line Noise”, or background artifacts, from the internet connection.

QuickBooks Point of Sale software does not have filters built into the software to remove the line noise, so, it can interpret that background noise as data. It also does not have a built in capability to drop a connection, then reconnect.

There are other factors that come into play also, some restrictions on how the program can be networked, that make configuration on a VPN almost impossible.

So the best answer is, it should not be used on a Wide Area Network. Use a Multi-Store setup instead.