How do I unlock from Free or Basic to Pro or Multi-store in QB POS 2013?

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We get this question a lot. And the fact of the matter is, nobody has taken the time to let you know what to do.

So here is how it is done!


In the POS program, go to the Help menu on the to right. Under the drop down, click on Buy Now.


Once this screen opens, there will be a location for you to enter the new product code, and the new validation code you were given when you purchased the unlock.


That should unlock your software.

On occasion, we have seen issues where this does not go well. In those cases, you may need to uninstall POS ( your data will remain behind) then reinstall with the new license number and product code.

As you open the software it will ask you to register it. Select Register by Phone to type in the new validation code.