Windows 8.1, The start button returns!

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 One huge complaint we have heard time and time again. Windows 8 took away the start button.

 There have been a few companies which created applications which brought back the start button, such as  Classic Shell, Start8, and Pokki. These had varying prices and required some setup on your part.

 Now, we have received word that Microsoft will be releasing windows 8.1, codenamed Blue.

 One feature we saw right off the bat, a start button!

 Now this button will lauch you into the Tiles screen, but there is also a setting that allows you to Boot to the Desktop. It is tuned off by default, but you can turn it back on.

 Keep your eyes open, as it has been rumored that Microsoft may make the 8.1 available as a free uopdate to Windows 8 users when they release it later this year.