Intuit QuickBooks GoPayment Version 5.0.6 for iPad is active.

Questions on the software? Call us at 800-609-0788!


There is a change that has been made in the new release of GoPayment.

You can now update your company information in the settings on the tablet, instead of having to go to the website, or calling support.

Did you know that the Admin user can edit an item in GoPayment? If you log in as the admin, you can Tap and Hold an item to change to edit mode. You can then add an image, add it to a favorites list, or even change the name, price, category or taxable status.

Do you have multiple companies. You can add multiple companies to the same GoPayment account. Go through the signup steps to create a new account, except use the same user name you already have in GoPayment.

Need to switch between companies? You can do that by tapping the user name on the screen.

Make sure you have updated your software, and watch here for more announcements.