Are you looking for Gift Card services?

Mercury Payments Gift Card services integrate with QuickBooks POS

We’ve mentioned before that Mercury Payment Systems offers credit card procesing that integrates with QuickBooks Point of Sale.  With added interest in Gift Card services, here’s great news!  Mercury also offers Gift Card services that will also integrate with QuickBooks Point of Sale.  Fees?  How does unlimited Gift Card processing AT NO COST sound to you?  All you need to pay for is the gift cards themselves.  It does require that you are using their merchant account service for credit card processing though.  Mercury also offers a mobile payment app that will work on your iPad, iPhone and most mobile devices.  As with any business decisions we encourage you to do your own research and base your decisions on what would work best for YOU.  We’re not saying Mercury is better or worse than Intuit’s merchant services.  Only that you do have a choice.  

Would you like us to have a Mercury representative contact you?  Simply fill out the information HERE and we will have someone contact you to answer any questions you may have.  This does not obligate you in any way.