GoPayment Update is active.

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 Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks, Enterprise, GoPayment, QuickBooks Point of Sale, and Turbotax, have just updated the GoPayment application.

These are recent changes to the GoPayment application:

–          Itemized Receipts- When you manually enter an amount using the “Enter$” button, you can now add an optional description that will show up as the receipt line item info on your customers email receipt, and in your transaction history details instead of Miscellaneous.

–          Updated iPhone Signature Screen- the iPhone screen has been enhanced by moving the Charge button to the upper right, and simplifying some of the visual displays. Now, to add a tip, just tap into the tip field where you can select one of 2 pre-set buttons, or enter a custom amount.

–          Order another card reader from within the app- Go to Settings, Card Reader and a wizard will guide you through ordering another reader. If the current reader is not working because of incorrect settings, you will be given instructions about what to do to correct this.

One note: You can only place one order through the application. Any additional orders run through the application will be ignored.