Color Schemes Are Back for QuickBooks and Enterprise!

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We all spoke, and they were listening.

There was a tremendous amount of feedback sent about the new High Contrast color scheme that was implemented in QuickBooks 2013 and Enterprise 13.0.

Originally, it was thought that the new look was going to improve the user experience, making it easier to work in the software. But the feedback that was received told them quickly that this was not the case.

It was too difficult to tell what company file you were in, and too hard to see the icons.

Intuits responded by giving us back the colored icon bar. That was helpful, but it was clear this was not enough. So, in update R-6, they added back the capability of using color schemes.

Once you have updated to R-6, you can now go under your company preferences and choose one of 14 color schemes to make it easier to identify the company ( you can have a separate color scheme for each company file).


This is a great feature, and it shows that the engineers at Intuit will respond to the customer feedback.