Using the Quick Calculator in QuickBooks Enterprise 13.0.

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Many new users of the Enterprise program are unaware that there is a calculator built into the software, and that it can make your life a lot easier when you are entering transactions.

One thing I recommend is to add the calculator to the Icon Bar on the top.

Start by clicking on View, then choose Customize Icon Bar.

Click Add, on the next screen choose Calculator. Then OK.

Now you have a readily accessible calculator for when you need it.

But what if you are working in a form, and want to do a calculation in a field?

This is where the Quick Calculator can be a great benefit. So how do we use it?

First, we click into the field where we want to do the calculation. Then we hit the equal sign key on the keyboard (=).

Now, we will see a small paper tape, like from an older printing calculator, and it will contain the value we have entered. Using the plus, minus, division, or multiplication tabs we can go through the calculations that we need ( percentage signs do not work here, so to use percents, you will need to convert it to a decimal).

Here is a small chart of the keys used, and some additional information from the program help files:

Using the calculator to calculate amounts

  1. Click in the field where you want to make the calculation.

You can do calculations in any numeric field, such as dollar amounts in registers and quantities in transactions. You can’t calculate time entries, check numbers, or dates.

  1. Open the calculator:

Press the = key.


Type a number followed by +, , *, /, or =.

  1. On the paper tape that appears, enter as many numbers and operators (+, -, *, /, or =) as you need to complete the calculation. You can enter numbers as large as 9,999,999.99.



Get a subtotal


Clear an entry


Clear the tape

C (twice)

Repeat the last

The operator key as many times as needed. For example, to add 100 three times, you would type:

100 + + +

Enter a negative

The key for the operation you want to perform, press -, and enter the number. For example, to multiply 100 by minus 6.25, you would type:

100 * – 6.25

Cancel the


  1. To enter the calculation result in the field, press Enter or Tab, or click anywhere outside the boundary of the tape.


This should help to speed things up a bit.