Creating a faster login for QuickBooks Point of Sale v11 Pro.

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One common complaint we get concerns employee logins. They choose the name from the dropdown, then have to type in their password to create a sale.

What if they could scan a badge once their name was selected?

You can do this with the Pro and Multi-store version of POS, and here is how.

First we go into the items list.

We add an item, and for the items name, we put in the employee name.

For the UPC, put in a long number. As we save it, the program will generate a barcode of the number we entered.

Copy that barcode ( Control+C).

Edit the Employee in the employee list, and paste ( Control+v) that saved barcode number into the Password fields. ( do not try to scan into into the fields, as it will enter one, then tell you the passwords do not match, and will blank it out again.)

Now, we open the Print Designer.

Choose Inventory Tag, Intuit Label ( if you have a zebra tag printer, other wise choose Avery 5160),  go to Options and copy it.

Now, remove all of the fields on the tag so it is blank.

Add Data fields for Barcode: UPC  and Item Name.

Then expand the Barcode field to fill most of the tag.


Save the tag under the name Employee, when it asks if you would like this to be the default tag, choose No.

Go to the items list and select the item named for the employee.

Go to I Want To, print tags, when the printer selection come up, it will have an area for you to select the tag template under Options. Set this to Employee.


Once the tag is printed, you can edit the Employee item to change the name and UPC for another employee, or, if you are completed with the employees, delete the Employee item.

The tag you have created will have the employee name and a barcode. When the employee logs into the system, they can select their name from the dropdown list, hit tab, then scan the barcode to log in.