QuickBooks Point of Sale V8 and V9 customers are getting a warning screen.

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Recently, businesses using QuickBooks Point of Sale versions 8 and 9, have started receiving a warning screen as they open the program.



This warning screen advises that the Intuit Service, which many businesses use to transfer their store exchange files, will discontinue for versions 8 and 9 as of May 31, 2013.

The warning also directs them to call Intuit to get a discount on the QuickBooks Point of Sale V11 (2013) software.

Do you have to update?

If you want to continue to use the Intuit Service for file exchanges, yes, you will have to update.

There are other options.

You can setup a Virtual Private Network and exchange the files with a shared network drive.

You can set the program to send the exchange file through Outlook.

You can use a web-based email such as Gmail or Yahoo.

Or you can use an external media, like a flash drive and take the files to the other location.

With a web-based email, the program will create a file on your computer you will have to manually attach to the email. The down side is that web-based emails often have file size limits, and you may get a situation where the file does not go through successfully because it is too large.

To use Outlook, or Desktop Email, you have to have an active exchange server account.

For network file transfer, you will need to setup a VPN and have a shared folder that all of the systems can access.

Everyone’s situation is different. You will need to decide what is your best solution. Changing the exchange method, or upgrading to the later software.