What are the Keyboard Shortcuts in QuickBooks Enterprise 13.0?

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There have been changes in this new version. One of the changes is a reduction in the number of Keyboard Shortcuts that are available.

Here are the ones currently available:


To start QuickBooks without a company file

Ctrl (while opening)

To suppress the desktop windows (at Open Company window)

Alt (while opening)

Display product information about your QuickBooks version


Close active window

Esc or Ctrl + F4

Save transaction

Alt + S

Save transaction and go to next transaction

Alt + N

Record (when black border is around OK, Save and Close, Save and New, or Record)


Record (always)

Ctrl + Enter




Next day

(plus key)

Previous day

(minus key)



Same date in previous week

(left bracket)

Same date in next week

(right bracket)

Same date in last month


Same date in next month


First day of the Week


Last day of the weeK


First day of the Month


Last day of the montH


First day of the Year


Last day of the yeaR


Date calendar

Alt + down arrow




Edit transaction selected in register

Ctrl + E

Delete character to right of insertion point


Delete character to left of insertion point


Delete line from detail area

Ctrl + Del

Insert line in detail area

Ctrl + Ins

Cut selected characters

Ctrl + X

Copy selected characters

Ctrl + C

Paste cut or copied characters

Ctrl + V

Increase check or other form number by one

+ (plus key)

Decrease check or other form number by one

– (minus key)

Undo changes made in field

Ctrl + Z




Copy check transaction in register

Ctrl + O

Create invoice

Ctrl + I

Delete check, invoice, transaction, or item from list

Ctrl + D

Find transaction

Ctrl + F

Go to register of transfer account

Ctrl + G

History of A/R or A/P transaction

Ctrl + H

Memorize transaction or report

Ctrl + M

New invoice, bill, check or list item in context

Ctrl + N

Open account list

Ctrl + A

Open Customer Center (Customers & Jobs list)

Ctrl + J

Open Help for active window


Open list (for current drop-down menu)

Ctrl + L

Open memorized transaction list

Ctrl + T

Open split transaction window in register

Ctrl + R

Open transaction journal

Ctrl + Y

Paste copied transaction in register

Ctrl + V


Ctrl + P

QuickReport on transaction or list item

Ctrl + Q

QuickZoom on report


Show list

Ctrl + S

Use list item

Ctrl + U

Write new check

Ctrl + W


Moving Around a Window-

Next field


Previous field

Shift + Tab

Beginning of current field


End of current field


Line below in detail area or on report

Down arrow

Line above in detail area or on report

Up arrow

Down one screen

Page Down

Up one screen

Page Up

Next word in field

Ctrl + Right arrow

Previous word in field

Ctrl + Left arrow

First item on list or previous month in register

Ctrl + Page Up

Last item on list or next month in register

Ctrl + Page Down

Close active window

Esc or Ctrl + F4

  And last but not least, F1 for Help.