Fix errors in the Add/Edit Multiple List Entries in QuickBooks Enterprise 13.

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When you save your changes in the Add/Edit Multiple List Entries window, QuickBooks tells you whether there are any errors. Errors appear in red text. Click or hover your mouse in any field with red text to see what the error is and make changes. You can type or paste over the data.

If there are errors, you’ll notice when you save your changes that the list clears the saved records and only records with errors remain on the list (the View drop-down arrow changes to show only records with errors).

If you don’t want to fix an error, you can click Close to close the window without making any further changes. QuickBooks will not save the changes that contain errors.

Columns not pasting correctly

When you paste data across multiple columns in the Add/Edit Multiple List Entries window, you might get a warning that data can’t be pasted into some of the columns. Depending on the record and type of column, the data will be skipped (not pasted).

Be sure to check the data that was pasted and make any needed corrections. Keep in mind that what pasted for one record may not paste for the next.

You can also click Close without saving to cancel your changes and start over. To make pasting easier, try pasting fewer columns or try pasting columns one at a time. You can also paste over any data that looks wrong.

Maximum number of columns allowed

If you see the Maximum number of columns allowed error, it means that you’ve tried to paste in more columns than are shown in the Add/Edit Multiple List Entries window.

A good strategy is to check the columns in the window first and compare them to the columns in your spreadsheet. You can add, remove, or move columns in the Add/Edit Multiple List Entries by clicking the Customize Columns button in the top right of the window.

Set up or add

If you enter something new for a drop-down arrow field, such as a new Tax ID, QuickBooks will prompt you to set it up or add it.

List limits

Each type of list has a limit on the number of records it can store. If you try to paste or enter more records than the maximum allowed, QuickBooks will let you know.