Sync Manager Error Code: 24_2002 opening your file in QuickBooks Enterprise 13.0.

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Error Message: An error occured while connecting to your company file: Finding a compatible version of QuickBooks failed.

Why this is happening
  • A compatible version of QuickBooks was not found.  This can occur if there is an issue with the QuickBooks installation.
  • You are trying to sync a company file from an older version of QuickBooks after installing QuickBooks 2013.
How to fix it

Cause: You may have installed/reinstalled QuickBooks recently and the currently installed edition does not support the edition of the syncing company file.
Solution: Please verify that the QuickBooks Edition(SimpleStart/Pro/Premier/Enterprise) is the same as that of the syncing company file.

Cause: You may have upgraded QuickBooks but not the syncing company file.
Solution: If your QuickBooks version is upgraded but not your syncing company file, please upgrade your syncing file and retry syncing.

Cause: Your syncing company file may be in a shared location and opened in single user mode in another machine.
Solution: Please close your open company file in the other machine or open it in multi user mode and try syncing.

Cause: You have installed QuickBooks 2013 on your system, but you are still using a prior version of QuickBooks to sync your company data.