Intuit Sync Manager Error Code: 4_6170 in QuickBooks Enterprise 13.0.

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When attempting to sync data with Intuit Sync Manager you receive the message Error Code  4_6170.

Error Category: Can’t open the company file

Error Message: There was an error while connecting to your company file.

Intuit is currently researching this issue as it has recently become more prevalent.  It is happening more often when you are syncing a company in a prior version of QuickBooks while 2013 in also installed on the same computer.

How to Fix It

Intuit recommends the following 2 Workarounds as Solutions for the time being as we are working towards a permanent resolution

Solution #1

Uninstall QuickBooks 2013

Solution #2

Update the company file to QuickBooks 2013, then Synch again.