How do I disable the QuickBooks Messenger in QuickBooks Enterprise 13.0?

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QuickBooks Enterprise 13.0 has an internal chat program called the QuickBooks Messenger. It allows you to chat between co-workers when you are using the program in Multi-User mode.

Some companies use the chat, many don’t. And if you are not using the chat, there is no reason to have it running and using system resources. So, how do we turn it off.

First, we log in as the Admin user.

When the file is in Multi-User mode, we go to File, Utilities, Disable QuickBooks Messenger. Ok, that is simple enough.

We have recently seen reports that the Messenger is actually causing speed issues form some users.

If you have updated to R5, and still have some speed issues, it may well be worth taking a look at turning off the messenger to see if that helps your situation.