California has a new Lumber tax starting Jan 1, 2013.

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California has done it again.

Starting Jan 1, 2013, they are requiring a new Lumber Products Assessment tax of 1% be charged on all lumber sales or engineered lumber products.

What makes this hard is, they require this tax to be a separate line on the receipt!

For users of QuickBooks Enterprise, there is a work-around, but it is a pain.

You can create a sales tax item for the Lumber Products Assessment. You can set the rate at 1%, and make it payable to the correct agency.

In order to use it, you will also need to create a Subtotal item.

You will need to ring up the lumber first. Then add the subtotal, then ring up any other items.

I am afraid this is the best we can do for now, since the state requires this to be a separate line item on the receipt.

The bad news- this does not work in POS!