New in QuickBooks Enterprise 13.0 R 4, Print Barcode Labels!

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When QuickBooks Enterprise 13.0 was first released, it had the capability to scan barcodes when you used the Advanced Inventory feature. This is an additional service with an annual fee. We played with the barcode capability, and thought it was a great addition to the software. But there was a problem. While you could now use barcodes, you could not print them.

It seemed kind of silly at the time. You could generate barcodes, you could see the barcode image on 3 reports, but you could not print them. QuickBooks Point of Sale had been able to print barcodes since Version 1. It just made no sense.

Recently, Intuit released the R4 update to the QuickBooks Enterprise 13.0. While they still need to work on some areas of the program, there was a change that was very welcome.

If you have Barcode scanning enabled, and go under File, Print, Labels, it now has Barcodes listed.



If you preview the label,


You can print your barcodes on Avery labels.

While I still hope they will take a hint from QB POS and provide printing support for the Zebra Tag printers, this is a start in the right direction.