What does Windows 8 mean for QuickBooks Enterprise 13.0?

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The new Windows 8 offers a very different screen as it opens. We have had a chance to play with it a bit, and have read several reviews, and here is what we are seeing:
  • Switching between applications or open windows is beyond clunky. Basic functions that we currently take for granted, such as cutting and pasting, are slow and difficult.
  • The Modern Start screen is designed around a tablet format, which is OK if you are only going to use 1 application at a time. If you use multiple apps, you are not in for a fun time.
  • Microsoft is taking a path layed out by Apple, in trying to get cross-platform sync between systems. The issue lies in the cross-platform link is with the Xbox, so it is nice for gaming, not so good for business users.
  • The new UI is designed around tablet and phone screens. The start buttons are huge, and extremely clunky if you are not using a touch screen.
  • There are very few applications designed for the new interface. The only ones that are currently designed to work with this new start screen are only sold through the Microsoft store. Even there, purchasing a game does not mean it will auto-load, but you may have to start the download manually.
  • If you want to get an improved interface, one that includes the Start button, it is going to cost you. There are currently 3 companies that make the patches, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and with varying costs. Research is the best option here.
The bottom line at this point, stay with Win 7, until more is done with the new system. If you must go to the new Windows 8, I would suggest getting a book on the system and looking at adding an interface patch. Let’s face facts. We want to run our businesses, not spend our time trying to figure out what the programmers thought was cool.
I think this is one of those situations where they thought they should do it because they could, not because they should.
When it comes to performance, we have seen no improvement between Win 7, and Win 8, so the reasons for spending the money to upgrade do not seem to exist at this point.