Error: 00000 39056 QuickBooks has encountered a problem.

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Error: 00000 39056 QuickBooks has encountered a problem, or the splash screen flashes and goes away

When opening QuickBooks, you receive one of the following messages:

  • QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close.
QuickBooks 2010/2009: Error 00000 40149
QuickBooks 2009/2008: Error: 00000 38772 or 00000 38997
QuickBooks 2007: Error: 00000 39056
  • QuickBooks has encountered a problem reading this registration file: qbregistration.dat.

The Loading screen might also appear briefly and then disappear, but QuickBooks does not open.

Why this is happening

This error occurs for a number of reasons:

  • The qbregistration.dat file may contain missing files, has become corrupt or does not exist.
  • Your QuickBooks installation may be damaged.
  • A recent third-party program update may have caused the error. This has been known to occur after updating non-QuickBooks software packages. If you recently installed any software updates and received one of the above messages, follow the steps under How to fix it called Repair a damaged MSXML 4 installation.
  • Not on the latest service pack of the Windows Operating System.
How to fix it

To resolve this issue, you must edit the qbregistration.dat file to include the correct license number, product number, and version release. Use the solution that best fits your situation.

Note: This solution may require you to uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks if the issue persists. You need to have the QuickBooks installation CD available, or you can download QuickBooks from our support site. While you are uninstalling QuickBooks the error might appear again. However, the process should continue to completion.

Solution 1: You see the error while installing QuickBooks
Estimated time: 5 minutes

Note: If you experienced this issue after installing an update for QuickBooks 2010, use the steps in Blue Screen, loading QuickBooks screen, or restart/reboot when launching QuickBooks after update.

  • Search for the qbregistration.dat file.
    • If you prefer to find the file manually, the common File paths for qbregistration.dat are as follows:

      • Windows XP– C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataCOMMON FILESINTUITQUICKBOOKS
      • Vista or Windows 7– C:ProgramDataCOMMON FILESINTUITQUICKBOOKS
  1. Rename the file to qbregistration.old
    Important: This step is not recommended if you also have other versions of QuickBooks installed. If this file is renamed, you will need to reinstall the other versions of QuickBooks, too.
  2. Restart the QuickBooks installation.

Solution 2: QuickBooks doesn’t start
Estimated time: 30 minutes

  1. On the QuickBooks product updates page, select your product and version.
  2. Click Manual Updates and follow the instructions to update QuickBooks to the latest release.

Solution 3: If the issue persists, reinstall QuickBooks
Estimated time: 45 minutes

  1. Locate and delete the qbregistration.dat file.
  2. Insert your CD and reinstall QuickBooks. Or, if you downloaded the software, double-click the download QuickBooks file to reinstall. Do not uninstall QuickBooks first.
  3. Update QuickBooks to the latest release using the update file downloaded in solution 2.

If the issue persists, try the steps in solution 4.

Solution 4: Additional troubleshooting steps

Important: These troubleshooting steps may help resolve your issue. They focus on the Windows operating system, which is not an Intuit product. Intuit recommends that you find the expert assistance that you need by consulting your computer’s manufacturer or a Windows expert to work with these steps.


  • If you’re unfamiliar with these troubleshooting steps, contact your system administrator for help before proceeding.
  • try starting QuickBooks after each step to see if your problem has been resolved.
  1. Create a new qbregistration.dat file to replace the damaged one.
  2. Uninstall then reinstall QuickBooks:
    1. Using the Add/remove Programs screen (or Programs and Features in Windows 7 or Vista), uninstall QuickBooks.
      Note: If you encounter an error uninstalling QuickBooks and the program will not uninstall, then download and run the Microsoft Windows Installer Cleanup utility to remove QuickBooks.
    2. Using Windows Add Remove Programs, uninstall .NET Framework.
    3. Reinstall QuickBooks. (The installer will advise you that it needs to install .NET Framework and then proceed to install it.)
    4. Update QuickBooks to the latest release using the update file downloaded in solution 2.
  3. Repair or reinstall the MSXML 4 installation if the preceding steps did not resolve the issue, or if an error similar to the following appears:

    QuickBooks has problem in reading this registration file.
    You need to ask your system administrator to REMOVE this file and reinstall QuickBooks.
    C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataCommon FilesIntuitQuickBooksqbregistration.dat

  4. Make sure your computer has the correct Windows Service Pack to meet minimum system requirements:

Note: If the difficulty persists after performing these steps, contact your computer’s manufacturer or Microsoft.

Additional Information

You can try installing QuickBooks in Selective Startup or Safe Mode to eliminate running processes, permissions, or firewalls preventing the program from loading.