A New Issue with QuickBooks Point of Sale V11 and Multiple Registers.

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So there is something we are starting to see more and more of as time goes on.

A customer will be entered on a workstation, it could be the server.

When another workstation tries to locate that customer name, they may not see it in the customer list for an extended period of time.

We are not sure of the cause for this yet. We have not seen enough data to determine if file size, number of customers, windows operating system, or logins has any effect at this point.

We are also looking at the possibility that the refresh rate between the server and the workstations is being delayed. This could be due to program settings that cannot be accessed, or Windows itself.

While we don’t have much data at this time, I did want to let you know that we are aware of this, and have let Intuit know also. I am hoping that the cause will be found and corrected.