QuickBooks Enterprise 13.0 and barcode scanning.

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With the Advanced Inventory Add-on in Enterprise, there is now the capability to use barcodes on your items.

The help files will tell you that you need to set the scanner to not use the “Enter” function after scanning, also known as the “Carriage Return”, to prevent scanning one item, and then having the document recorded.

There is actually another option.

There is a preference in your General Preferences under Edit, that will allow you to leave the barcode scanner at it’s factory setting.


If you go under Edit, Preferences, General, you can activate the preference for Pressing Enter moves between fields. This way, when you scan the item, the next field effected will be the Qty field.


Scanning the second item will add the item on the next item line.


While this does make the transaction not instantly recorded on hitting Enter, it allows you to enter the items in rapid succession without modifying the settings on the barcode scanner.