QuickBooks Enterprise 12.0 and the QuickBooks File Doctor.

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Opening any file on your computer seems as simple as double-clicking your mouse. But there’s also a lot happening in the background on your computer to make that file open. When a QuickBooks file won’t open, the problem may be in Windows, QuickBooks, or your network.

Use the QuickBooks File Doctor to fix:

Data corruption
Windows setup problems
Network setup problems

Download the tool and follow the built-in instructions. Or, if you want more information, read on and click the blue links that interest you.
Important: The Windows admin user should install this tool with User Account Control (UAC) temporarily turned off. The network tests will not run with UAC turned on.

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About the tool:

.qbw or .qba files only.

File repair is on by default.
Network diagnosis is on by default.
Network options can be turned off.
Use Advanced Options button to change or disable the network options.

You will see instructions in the QuickBooks File Doctor wizard as the tool diagnoses your company file:

A Problem is found in your company file and problem is fixed.
A Problem is found, but we’re unable to fix it:
Restore a backup and re-enter any transactions since the date the backup was made.
Replace your company file through QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery and re-enter any transactions since the recovery file was made.
Upload your company file to Data Services for manual repair.
No Problem is found:
If you use QuickBooks on a network, try the network diagnostic features of the tool.
Restore a backup and re-enter any transactions since the date the backup was made
Upload your company file to Data Services for manual repair.


You must be connected to the internet to upload the file.
Your company file must be smaller than 2GB to upload through this tool.
You can resume the download while the tool is still open. However, if the tool is closed, the upload will start again.
You must be logged in as Administrator to run network diagnosis. QuickBooks must also be in hosting mode.
If Windows User Account Control is turned ON tool will be re-launched with elevated administrator privileges.
Network Diagnose and repair functionality may not work properly if multiple QuickBooks versions are installed on your computer.

System Requirements:

File Repair: QuickBooks does not need to be installed on your computer.
Network diagnosis and repair: You must be logged into Windows as Administrator.
Multi-user diagnosis and repair: QuickBooks Hosting must be turned on.
QBFD Tool supports Win XP SP3, WinXP SP2, Win 7 32bit, Win7 64bit, Win vista
.NET frame work 2.0 (if is not installed on system tool tries to install during installation)
User Account Control settings (UAC) – The network diagnosis only occurs if UAC is turned off. You should return UAC to its original settings when the tool is finished.

There is more information about this tool located on Intuit’s Help site: