Add multiple downloaded transactions to QuickBooks Enterprise 12.0.

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How can you add multiple transactions to the register in QuickBooks Enterprise 12.0?

You can easily add all of your downloaded transactions to QuickBooks. The Add Multiple Transactions to QuickBooks window lets you

Review all matched transactions

Review and select accounts for renamed transactions (you can also change payee names)

Select payees and accounts for unmatched transactions

Assign classes if class tracking is on

You can select all matched or renamed transactions to be added.

To do this task

Open the Add Transactions to QuickBooks window.
Go to the Banking menu and click Online Banking, and then click Online Banking Center.
If the number in the No. To Review column is greater than 0, click the number or the Add Transactions to QuickBooks button.

Click Add Multiple.

The Add Multiple Transactions to QuickBooks window shows 2 groups of transactions:

Matched, which you can only review

Renamed and unmatched, which you can review and change

Select the transactions to add to QuickBooks. Click the group checkboxes to select or clear all of a category of transactions.

For each renamed transaction, select an account.

For each unmatched transaction, select a payee and an account (and optionally a class).

Note: You cannot split transactions or link to open transactions in this window. For either of these cases, either:

Clear the transaction’s checkbox, then select it in the Add Transactions to QuickBooks window and add splits or link to an open QuickBooks transaction there.

Leave them selected and then add splits or link to an open QuickBooks transaction in the register.

Click Add Selected.

If you require accounts and you haven’t selected an account for a transaction, you’ll see an error message, and those transactions won’t be added to your register.

Prevents you from recording a transaction unless you have assigned it to an account.

When this preference is off, QuickBooks allows you to record transactions that have no assigned accounts. QuickBooks automatically assigns these transactions to Uncategorized Income or Uncategorized Expense.