QuickBooks Enterprise 12.0 Update R-10 is available.

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Intuit has released update R-10 for QuickBooks Enterprise 12.0.

Here is what is effected:

File Operations
  • You can now move from QuickBooks to QuickBooks Online Edition (one time) with less delays to convert the Company Data file.
  • The Seamless Upgrade for QuickBooks Plus customers has been enabled to install QuickBooks 2013 from a background download when the 2013 version is available.
  • Re-registration will now correctly handle a third attempt to put in the valid data to complete the registration of QuickBooks.
  • The installer will no longer pause for 10 seconds near the beginning of the process.
Multi User/ Hosting
  • The performance and reliability of multi-user sessions has been improved.
QuickBooks Online Banking
  • After installing the R9 update for QuickBooks 2012 and Enterprise Solutions 12, Online Bill Pay would attempt to send old transactions to the bank, even though they had already been sent. This is fixed and will not happen with R10.
QuickBooks Online Services
  • Intuit Sync Manager has been upgraded.

If you are unable to automatically download the update, please go to the following page: