Credit Card payment in QuickBooks Point of Sale V11 (2013).

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After Installing the QuickBooks Point of Sale Free V11 (2013), Basic, Pro, or Pro Multistore, and opening the sales screen, if you click on Credit as a methos of payment you may be confronted with this screen:


But what if you are using a different Merchant Service, and do not want to sign up for the Intuit QuickBooks Point of Sale Merchant Account?

First, go to the Home page, also known as the Navigator.

On the right side there is a Preferences Icon.


Click the small arrow and choose Setup Interview.

Then click the Payments tab and select No on processing Credit Cards:


When you back to the Make a Sale area, and choose Credit as the payment type, you will now see this:


I am sorry, but there is no way to remove the signin/learn more merchant service advertisements in this window.

If you would like to have them removed, please Send Feedback through the selection under Help.