Qb POS Free version and the Held Vouchers Icon!

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Last Year, Intuit had the QuickBooks Point of Sale Free Version available for download. It was based on Version 10 of the QuickBooks Point of Sale program, and offered a 60 day free trial of the Pro version.

That has been replaced with the new QuickBooks Point of Sale Free Version, which is based on Version 11 (2013). There are some differences.

The new QB POS 2013 Free version, when activated with a Intuit Merchant Account, is also set with a GoPayment account. This allows you to select items you want to sell through a mobile means, like an iPad or smart phone.

But there is an odd little quirk to the software.

When you install it, you will have a Held Vouchers icon on the Navigator. What does this mean?

Ignore it! The Free POS version does not create Purchase Orders, or Receiving Vouchers. It is a left over from the more advanced functionality of the Pro and Pro Multi-store versions.

You still have the capability of activating the 60 day free trial of Pro Multi-store (in Version 10, Multi-store was included in the Pro version, in Version 11 (2013) Multi-store is a seperate level).

One word of caution. There is also a 30 free trial version of the Version 11 (2013). If you try to install the trial, then install the Free version at a later time, the changes made to the computer by the trial version are still there and the Free version will state that the trial is over.

I always tell our clients, install the Free POS and register it. This allows the 60 day free trial, and if you decide to stay with the Free POS version, it will revert and remain active.