Serial number tracking in QuickBooks POS v11? Yes and No.

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As we have announced, QuickBooks Point of Sale V11 ( 2013) has been released by Intuit. And while there have been some changes made to the product, there are other areas which have remained the same.

Serial Number tracking is still associated with receiving or selling, and you cannot run a report on serial numbers in stock.

But here is one area that is different.

You can mark an item for serial number tracking, and for Mobile Sync. The problem arises when you sell the item through the mobile device!

GoPayment, which is the Merchant Service application used for mobile sales, does not have an area for entering the serial number, nor will it require it!

This makes it possible to sell items that require serial number tracking through a mobile device, and have no serial number attached.

I understand that there are future releases set for the programs, and that the serial number tracking may be addressed in these, but for now, you really need to be careful what items you set for mobile sync.

If it is an items that you really want to track the serial numbers on, my suggestion would be to NOT set it to sync.

One workaround would be to create the item individually, and put the serial number in the description. But for many businesses with a large number of serialized items, this may be impractical.

We will let you know if there is a change to this in the future.