For those of us that have been using QuickBooks Point of Sale for several years and had made use of the List Edit feature that was in version 9 and earlier, I have good news!  It’s still there and easily accessible!

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When POS version 10 came out, list edit was no longer available on the menu and a lot of folks (myself included) thought it was gone.  A round-about way of getting there was found and published in an earlier article.  Well, it’s a whole lot easier than that.  To edit an item from the list view, simply double click on what you want to edit.  Sa you want to change the color for a shirt.  You listed it as Tan but the manufacturer now calls it Beige and you want your listing to match.  Locate the item in your item list and double click on Tan.  This will allow you to type in what you really want there.  In this case, Beige.  Once the editing change has been made you can close the item list or move on to the next change you want to make.  No more having to turn list edit on or off and no round about way of getting there!