How can I make using Quick-Pick items even faster in V11 QB POS?

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We all know that Quick-Picks are fast ways to add items to a receipt. And we know that the Quick-Pick Manager has made it even faster to add these items to a group.

But we still have that issue of adding one item from the Quick-Pick list, and the window drops away. If we want to add a second Quick-Pick item, we have to go through it all again.

Not in QB POS V11!

Let’s take a look at “Pinning”!

Open a sales receipt, and choose Quick-Pick. Open the Group, and there are your Quick-Pick Items.

Now, look in the upper right corner, and you will see a picture of a Pin!



This allows you to “PIN” that group to your desktop, and as you select the items, the group stays up so you can select more!


That should cut out some of the pain of using Quick-Pick items, and speed your checkout times.