How many items can I sync to my phone with the QB POS V11 (2013)?

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QuickBooks Point of Sale Version 11 (2013), has a new feature that allows you to mark items to be synchronized to a mobile phone using GoPayment.

Here are some things you need to be aware of:

In order to use the GoPayment feature, you MUST have a Point of Sale Merchant Account from Intuit.

If you plan on processing more than $1000.00 a month, I would go with the High Volume Plan, which has a monthly fee, but offers a much better swiped rate. If you would like to upgrade to the High Volume plan, call us and we can arrange it.

While the QB POS program can handle an item list that is Virtually Unlimited, the GoPayment application itself does have some limitations.

While there is no set number of items that can be uploaded or synced to the phone, the limitations come in due to the available memory on the phone itself. You do not want to exceed about 80-85% of the phones capacity. In realistic terms, this means you do not want to sync more than 190-200 items to the phone.

Doing a sidewalk sale of a few choice items will not be an issue. But if your intention is to sync all of your items, such as for a trade show, you need to reconsider.

Also, at this point, when the items are synced, they can be sold. But the current link between the programs does not allow you to see the quantity on hand in the store. When a sale is performed, the mobile app sends back information that reduces the item quantity by the amount sold, and enters a payment, but does not create a true sales receipt as would normally be done in QB POS.

I suspect that the capabilities we currently see in the mobile sync will be expanded, such as the interaction with the GoPayment application will be more detailed in the future, but I cannot put a time line on this.

For now, use the sync capability with the restrictions that are indicated, and bear in mind that the limits are not based on the software, but on the capabilities of the phone itself. You may have better or less capabilities than I have listed here, this is simply a guide.