An Issue with R-14 for QB POS V10.

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QuickBooks Point of Sale V10 release R-14 went live last week, and we have been waiting to see if there were any issues caused by the update.


This is the first one we have run across.

If you go to Make a Sale, and you pull up an item that has a zero price, the program will open the screen where you can enter the price for the item.

In r-13 and below, once you entered the price and hit OK, it put the item on the receipt with the price you specified.

What is happening in R0-14, is that it will put the item on the receipt, but will NOT update the price on it!

For now, you will have to allow the item to add, then edit the price.

We are making sure that Intuit is aware of the issue, and I am hoping they will correct this soon.