QB POS V10 R-14 is available.

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QuickBooks Point of Sale V10 has just had release R-14 made available.

Here are the changes as described by Intuit.


Release (R14)

Customer Orders

  • Fixed an issue where Tax Exempt customers could still be charged tax when the customer name is entered into a Customer Order from the I Want To list.
  • POS no longer stops responding while taking a credit card deposit when a PIN Pad is attached to the system.
  • Fixed the Access Violation error which occurs when emailing Sales Orders.
  • Now able to sell items on a Customer Order when the order is located using the search option from within a New Customer Order.

General Functionality

  • Resolved an issue preventing reminders from being viewed at Remote stores.
  • Inventory List item will remain highlighted when navigating away from the Item List to make a sale and returning to the Item List.
  • Message Pin pad not detected will no longer cause POS to stop responding after taking a deposit on a Sales Order.
  • Minor Stability and performance improvements

Import /Export Data

  • Improved functionality when exporting items containing multiple vendors to Excel.


  • Now able to delete items from Client installations.
  • Improved functionality to allow for non-numeric characters to be added to the Style Grid.
  • Now able to set the Group Item price to zero.


  • Resolved an issue that would cause POS to stop responding after taking a Voice Authorization if a PIN Pad is connected to the system.
  • Made security enhancements to all credit card processing workflows.

MultiStore Functionality

  • Resolved an issue that could prevent skipping or receiving mailbags if the system clock on the Remote system is incorrectly set.

Purchase Orders

  • Fixed an issue where an item marked unorderable could still be added to a P.O.
  • Purchase Orders with 11 or more digits will now show in the P.O. List correctly.


  • Resolved the issue where the cursor would not return to the scan/enter item info field after using the Sell Misc Item button on the left pane.
  • Improved functionality when adding a new customer from the receipt. The newly added customer name no longer shows up automatically on the subsequent receipt.
  • The Total Deposit Taken field now reports deposit amount correctly when completing the final sales receipt.
  • Improved functionality when saving a Shipping Address that is edited from a Sales Receipt or a Customer Record.
  • Fixed an issue that would result in an overcharge for cash back when taking tips on back to back receipts.

Receiving Vouchers

  • Improved functionality when adding a new vendor name from the voucher. The newly added name name no longer shows up automatically on the subsequent voucher.


  • Enhanced functionality when exporting the gift card list to excel.
  • Newly created manual discounts will now show correctly on the Discount Summary Report.

We are not aware of any difficulties caused by the new update, but are remaining watchful.