An unusual cause for Error 175305: Errors were encountered, select VIEW LOG for details in V11.

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There is an error you can encounter on the store exchange in V11 (2013) QB POS, and you are using the Intuit Service as the exchange method.

Error 175305: Errors were encountered, select VIEW LOG for details.


When you view the log, there are no errors indicated.


Intuit has an article on this error:


But here is what the article does NOT tell you.


The most common cause for this error, is that the Store Exchange Password at the remote store is incorrect!

So before you go through all of the steps listed in the article, here is what you should try:

Open the Store Exchange center by clicking the icon on the right side:



Once the center opens, click on Set Password:



Reset your exchange password to match the password from the Headquarters EXACTLY- This includes capitalization and punctuation or special characters! ( This is VERY important, they must match in order for the transfer to function).


Once it is reset and saved, try the sending the file again. It should go through, and you will be able to send and receive without issue.