QBPOSShell errors and locating the source in Win 7.

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QBPOSShell Errors.


In many cases, you can get shell errors from a bad or corrupt installation.

But they can also come from the POS program having a problem with an outdated, or incompatible driver.

These can be frustrating! Two systems sitting side by side, you can have a situation where one system gets the errors and the other does not.



Here is one thing to check. I am going to give the instructions for Win 7, as it is the most current windows version in use.


Windows 7 has a log that is created when software crashes.

If you know how to view the log, and where to look, you may be able to see exactly what is causing the problem.

First, open the Control Panel. Then Double Click Administrative Tools.

Inside, you will see the Event Viewer.



Double click the Event Viewer, then double click Administrative.



This will bring information as to why the program is crashing. In this case, the General tab indicates that the conflict is occurring with a file called “dlumd32.dll”.


This file was installed as a part of driver software for an additional monitor. By uninstalling the driver software, we were able to eliminate the QBPOSShell errors on this computer. As we can see, the error was not caused by the QuickBooks Point of Sale program, but by an incompatible driver from another company. In some cases, the error could be corrected by updating software, which installs a later, compatible file. But, not in this case.

I hope this helps anyone who has repeated errors that cannot be readily resolved.